Western Digital’s Mybook

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Another storage products family from Western Digital delivers a fitting solution to the small to medium sized businesses. Specifically, I’ve had a very good experience with the MyBook series of products. Setup is almost non-existent: plug in the device and its ready to go. As long as all you need is basic storage, without any deeper level of security and account management, MyBook gets the job done. It would be nice to have the default admin password (either 123456 or admin) documented, but there are enough sources online who’ll share that info with you. The web interface is easy to operate and allows you to configure various options, such as user access, shares and RAID options. If you are an average user, I doubt you’ll need to change these options.

The main weakness of this product its lack of support of Active Directory permissions and alike.  I just don’t think it makes sense, especially for customers of the 1TB-2TB range, where most small business are. If you really need to connect it to an Active directory, have a look here, its pretty detailed.

WD MyBook

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