Colorcop – Another color picker, but better

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Yes, there are a lot of color pickers out there. They are a must tool for any web development project.  Color Pad is a similar app I reviewed in the past, but Color cop is my new favorite. What I like about Color Cop is the eye dropper feature. In combination with the magnifying glass, it allows you to zoom in on any part of the screen, choose exactly the area you want to investigate and find the color you want, its  RGB code and its HTML code. There are other nice features as well, such as various output formats and automatic similar color suggestions. It is free to download and obviously, highly recommended.

Color Cop

Bugzilla – Managing Software Development Made Simple

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Maybe I got used to it because it always there.  Maybe its there because I got used to it. Whatever the reason may be, Bugzilla is the software I use to manage the various software projects I’m involved with. The installation process is simple and straight forward. The GUI, though very basic, gets the job done. If all the basic stuff is not enough, one can always install various addons, which cover all the various aspects one may want to enhance. The endless list of addons make Bugzilla fit almost any development project and group. Of course, as one can guess from its name, it is open source and licensed under CC.



Folding@Home- Put your CPU/GPU cycles to work on something useful

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There are lots of distributed computing projects out there. I’ve tried SETI for a while, installed it on all my computers at home and at the office…spent several hours looking at the nice screen saver. Then I found out about Folding@Home and immediately I moved over. My reasoning is simple: although some may say that aliens will cure the world of its diseases, I think that helping human scientists fight against earthbound aliments has a much greater impact.

The client application takes seconds to install and is available to almost any OS. You can join groups to “fold” together and monitor your progress on a shared stats page (join my group!!111!! # 216400) . There are clients that use your computer’s GPU and these perform much better. EVGA has a group that if you join it you can earn $$, which you can then use to buy an EVGA card :)

Bottom line- this is a good thing to do and it doesn’t really require much….so just do it.



Notepad++ – The “perfect” text editor

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Yes, haven’t been around for a while, but I hope to get back into full swing….so here it goes :)

Notepad++ has been out for a while. I even mentioned it in an earlier post. Yes, though I do still like TextPad, I’ve really started to like N++ and have been using it almost exclusively. The main reason is the simple fact its got the best interface and views,  right out of the box, no tweaks necessary.  It does not have any “plugins”, as it comes with everything installed: Spell Checker, FTP and more.  You can actually write your own plugins if you are into that kind of thing. Its really small as well, only 5.5MB.  Lastly, as usual, the price point of zero is unbeatable and its being maintained regularly with the last version, as of writing this, released on 10.4.2012.  Highly recommended.



SoapUI – Test Your Web Services With Ease

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Another great tool to help with web development and testing – SoapUI .  Self titled “The swiss army knife of testing”, it is a pretty accurate description. Pretty self explanatory, this tool gives you endless options to test the various aspects of your web development project. It encompasses many different testing options- SOAP, REST, JDBC and much more. Simple UI interface and great support / documentation. Highly recommended for any web project. Of course- it is Open source with a Pro option.